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Welcoming spring with balance: An equinox gathering of renewal and community

Sunday, March 17, 1:15-3:00

at the Yoga Refuge with co-faciliator *Nora Stoelting

Honor the Spring Equinox with Reflection & Restorative Yoga

We’ll gather to mindfully welcome the spring equinox, a time of year when yin and yang are perfectly balanced, a time of opportunity and wonder. As we emerge from winter and move into spring, we can sometimes feel the energy of “too much too soon” and it’s easy to feel out of balance. Together we’ll pause and explore: How might we enjoy both the yang energy of spring (growth, change, movement), and how might we keep within us and appreciate the yin energy of winter (rest, reflection, inner focus)? How might we feel balanced and supported as we move into the spring season? Join us for guided reflection, gentle restorative yoga, and tea ceremony to honor the changing season. 

Cost: $35-75 Sliding Scale

Open to all identities- no experience necessary

Wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat & a journal

*Nora Stoelting is a runner, gardener, connector of friends, planner, lover of shared experience, facilitator, reflector, mover, biker, dog-mom. Nora completed her RYT-200 yoga teacher training in 2017 at the Grinning Yogi and has taught and offered various types of yoga on and off since then. Yoga was Nora's gateway into other types of movement and since 2017 has explored various modalities of somatic exploration, dance, and meditation. Nora is passionate about moving slowly and intentionally, incorporating mindfulness and rest into daily life within capitalism. In 2021, Nora completed a Restorative Yoga Teacher training and then in 2023 began teaching monthly restorative classes that combine meditation, breathing exercises, restorative yoga, and gentle movement. Nora finds a lot of joy in creating restful spaces for people to connect with themselves and with each other in new and creative ways. Nora hopes to see you in a future class or workshop, or perhaps as a subscriber to her seasonal subtack newsletter, “The Slow Down” which explores themes of self-care, seasonal connection, personal reflection, and inspiration.

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