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Tending your Inner Nest

At Oxbow Regional Park near Portland

A day long outdoor retreat to cultivate an inner life of trust, wisdom, and connection


Saturday May 4, 2024  (10:00am-4:00pm)


With Irene Bailey of Temenos Rising

All those who identify with their feminine are welcome



Join us to explore how to tend and strengthen your inner nest as a safe haven

in the coming year and beyond. 

Our inner world can be a safe haven, a cozy home, a resting place, but sometimes it can feel more like a dry neglected place that we don’t visit very often. In the coming year we will undoubtedly face personal challenges alongside ongoing war, more climate emergencies and decline, a contentious election, and work intensification. How will we respond? We can keep busy and distracted, always on the go, but what about our deeper longings–for calm, for real connection, for sacred space, for a way to meaningfully contribute in this uneasy world? Our inner lives are asking for our care and attention and in turn will offer us nourishment, beauty, and a soft space to land.


Taking our cue from the seasonal cycle of Spring, we turn our attention to strengthening and tending our inner nests.  At this time of year, birds and squirrels are busy building nests with a variety of materials– strengthening the structure of their nests while also weaving in sparkly and beautiful objects and lining the nest with softness. In these retreats, give your heart and spirit dedicated time to be tended and nourished. Strengthen the structure of your inner nest with more calm and ease. Add in sparkly moments of joy and connection with others who are also on this journey, and be guided into new practices and ways of being that will support and soften your cozy inner nest. This retreat will be held in and by the forest, with intentions to connect with our more than human kin and to weave this connection into our inner nests. 

Our time together will incorporate deep time on the land, ceremony, and will offer embodied and joyful exploration. There will be space for solitude as well as opportunities to tap into our collective wisdom. The magical setting of Oxbow offers a deep reset for the nervous system with old growth trees, the undamned Sandy River flowing through it, and an abundance of plants, fungi, and other beings to get to know. We honor the Indigenous people who have lived, loved, fished, and gathered here since time immemorial.

Saturday May 4-Tending your inner nest: Cultivating inner wisdom & intuition

Our inner wisdom and intuition are always with us and can guide us. Together we’ll practice tuning in to our inner wisdom and listening to our bodies and hearts for guidance. We’ll explore what it can look like and feel like to become more wise and intuitive in a world that is dominated by logic and has attempted to bury a deeper knowing. We will enter the realm of the spiritual and magical and invite in the ancestors.

No experience necessary; just an open heart and willingness to connect.

Cost:  $165 

Partial Scholarships available

Offered rain or shine, $5 admission to park not included

Bring your own lunch, water bottle, & hot drink container

Hot tea, warm community, & special gift will be provided

We will be in a private area with covered picnic shelter & fire pit

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