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Connectvertising Collective

We self-identify as women or non-binary folks who own small businesses that support healing, empowerment, holistic health, community building, creativity, anti-racism, social justice, and ecological well being. We are based in the Pacific Northwest.

We support and lift up other women & non-binary-owned businesses with similar missions. We share each others' offerings with our communities because we  believe in abundance for everyone.

By supporting each other we can all thrive.

 Meet the Collective

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Alderroot Healing & Renewal

Dr. Heather Burns

Guided transformative healing experiences of deep connection to earth, body and spirit

I offer guidance and support for change-makers, leaders, and educators who want to shed overwhelm and overwork and design lives and projects rooted in eco-spiritual connection, ease, and creativity.  I offer mentoring, classes, trainings, forest therapy, and consulting.



Temenos Rising

Irene Elle Bailey

Nourishing Experiences to Honor the Sacred

Temenos Rising hosts nature connection retreats and workshops as well as forest bathing walks around the Pacific Northwest. Our offerings support the cultivation of wisdom and intuition and provide spaces for our collective need for deep and meaningful connection with the natural world.

Anya Hankin_edited.jpg

Anya Hankin Collaborative

Nurturing liberatory leaders through mentorship and collaborative copywriting.

It is my deep joy to partner with leaders, changemakers, healers, and creatives to actualize and amplify your vital offerings — with tools and support that yield tangible action around your words, your work, and your way in the world. Through generative mentorship containers and collaborative copywriting, let’s develop language and leadership practices that expand your income and impact, and grow your living legacy.


Krishna Avalon Wellness

A unique approach to therapy founded in neuroscience, nature, ancient medicine, and intuition.

Krishna is a licensed acupuncturist, subconscious therapist, PSYCH-K facilitator, Internal Family Systems practitioner, and breathwork guide, who has led over 27k patients and clients to their health and wellness goals for the last 21 years.

Mandy Kruger_Final-14.jpg

Rhythms and Tides: Somatic Healing

Mandy Kruger

Transforming Trauma Narratives in the body to healing narratives

I offer trauma informed bodywork, yoga and somatic practices under the method of Somatic Experiencing. This is a modality created by Dr. Peter Levine to regulate our nervous system, shift trauma patterns and narratives into ones of healing.

Sabias Raíces. Luz de Luna

Ceci Orozco

Holistic postpartum care to nurture the collective of mothers

This space supports mothers in crossing the threshold into motherhood through connection to their intuition, ancestors, and the earth. Mothers: this space is for YOU to honor, celebrate, nurture, and embody your potential as a creator!


This Neck of the Woods Consulting

Wendy Emerson

Web Technology for the Progressive Community

This Neck of the Woods Consulting has provided web design and development services to non-profits and small business for more than 10 years. We can help you with every aspect of establishing and maintaining the Internet presence of your organization, including web design, development, email connectivity and problem solving.

Heather Dorfman.png

Rose and Cedar Forest Therapy

Heather Dorfman

Reweaving our Belonging

Rose and Cedar offers Forest Therapy, consulting, and other practices which support deep care for bodies, communities, and all the living world. We are co-creating a world of liberation, justice, thriving, and the connection of all beings.



Honoring Life Transitions

Nichole Carrubba

In life, we are always transitioning into newness and in a process of becoming. We are earthlings birthed from the cosmic story, our bodies are made up of the elements that surround us, even stardust! This means that evolving is literally a part of our DNA. Moving through life transitions is an ongoing process that invite us into communion with the Earth and her seasons, which are around us and interwoven into our daily lives.


Ellen Payne Real Estate

Like a doula for your home buying and selling process

Ellen is compassionate, thorough and devoted to her clients. She prioritizes empowering and educating her clients through making the right decision for their family and situation. Ellen's passion for Portland and fun personality makes her a perfect agent for your buying/selling needs, new-to-the-area folks who would like to learn about the neighborhoods, or anybody seeking not only a Realtor but an enjoyable home buying or selling process.

Finding Mindful Now

Tia Ho

Guiding you out of your head into your life with mindfulness.

Finding Mindful Now’s mission is to support people in reclaiming their growth, emotional capacity, and resiliency processes through the intentional use of attention – mindfulness. It's dedicated to people seeing that they can move through life’s challenges without being afraid to feel.


Image by Adam Kring

Cedar Grove Center for Rural Renewal

Cate Clother

Cedar Grove is a community-oriented initiative promoting rural cultural, educational, and economic renewal.

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