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Rest Retreat
"Rest is a generative place of freedom and resistance." Tricia Hersey
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Rest Retreat
Co-facilitated with
Jo Linden

Long week-end at the
Oregon Coast

November 14-17, 2024
Register by Oct. 24

For those who identify as non-binary and women
Retreat at the Oregon Coast
Retreat with the Pacific Ocean

If you are feeling tired, burned out, or just need some space away from the pace of relentless responsibilities, this retreat is for you. We all need spaces in this world, so full of tasks and distractions, where we can be held in healing and sacred connection. Join a small group to intentionally slow down and rest as a form of healing and active resistance to dominant systems that keep us feeling trapped and exhausted. As we move toward the winter season, this is a perfect and natural time to practice slowing down and resting more.  We'll guide you in exploring how to rest in alignment with the season, what rest is, what rest disrupts, and how a deeper connection to earth, body, and spirit can support rest. We'll also turn off our phones and rest from digital clutter.  The schedule of this retreat will be both supportive and spacious. With the beautiful Pacific Ocean as our companion, we will facilitate rest practices such as gentle yoga and movement, guided meditation and reflection, and playful earth connection. We'll also offer group reiki healing sessions, which are extremely relaxing and deeply nourishing. And you will have ample open time to rest in the ways that feel good to you.


Be deeply nourished as you take time for yourself to truly rest. Rediscover your inherent connectedness to this beautiful world and to your own body and spirit. You deserve to take time to remember what it feels like to slow down, be in your body, and to practice restful ways of being that you can carry with you long after the retreat.

This retreat will be held in a spacious and cozy beach-front house with beautiful private rooms, a hot tub, and a fire pit. The retreat includes healthy plant-based meals and snacks as well as a special welcome gift to support your rest. The retreat is limited  (8-10 spaces) so reserve early if this calls to you. This retreat is designed for those who identify as non-binary or  women. This is a great retreat for solo travelers---come on your own and leave feeling connected. Or, come with a friend or partner and share the magic. 

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I can't begin to describe what a worthy investment this retreat proved to be for myself, my work, and my relationship with others. I came to this retreat burnt out and perpetually exhausted. Heather and Jo's thoughtful facilitation, along with spacious time to unwind and settle into the coziness of rest, not only left me with a rested body and full heart, it also tapped into the perceptions and societal barriers that have gotten in the way of true rest for me in the past. I can't recommend this retreat enough for individuals, and even more for friends or loved ones who want to connect to themselves and each other through the radical act of rest!
"Resting is about beginning the process of undoing trauma so that we can thrive and evolve back to our natural state; a state of ease and rest." Tricia Hersey
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