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I offer consulting services for those who wish to learn more about designing and facilitating transformative eco-spiritual teaching and learning. I offer expertise in designing learning that is transformative, holistic, and relational.

I can walk you through the design of your new or revised training, workshop, class, or other offering using my Emergent Ecological Design process (see below). This is an iterative and holistic process that will leave you feeling confident and clear about the design of your offering and your next steps. The Burns Model of Sustainability Pedagogy is another tool I offer to support you in designing learning that is holistic, inclusive, place-based, process-oriented and relational. If you want to design learning experiences that support re-connection, transformation, and healing, I can support you.

I also consult on educational projects such as master's theses, dissertations, curriculum design, program development, and more.

I charge on a sliding scale: $150-250/hour. If you would like to work with me, please be in touch.

For organizational consulting, please contact me for rates.

I am available for speaking and teaching engagements. Please contact me with any requests.

See articles and more of my work on Transformative Sustainability Pedagogy and Ecological Design here:

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