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Would you like support as you discern your next phase in life and work? Would you like to reconnect to your spirituality and be able to weave it into your daily life? I offer personalized support in connecting to well-being, ease, and spirit, especially during times of transition and change--or when you know change is needed.  I can support you in rediscovering your wholeness and grounding into spirit both personally and professionally. 

I can support you in living your deepest values.

Life is full of demands and moves at such a fast pace. It can be hard to find space to step back, really see your life, and envision a way forward. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or just unsure about how to move forward, I can help you get clear about what's going on in your life externally and internally and what you really need and want. I'll support you as you learn to envision and imagine a life that you really love, a life that supports and enlivens you, a life that feels grounded in spirit and wholeness. Together we'll move you forward on a path that feels right to you, as the next phase of your life takes shape. I'll guide you in creating patterns and practices that engage and support both your inner life and your life-path and next steps.

I have mentored hundreds of people through transition and transformation. I can support you in re-connecting to your wisest self and finding clarity in your life path. I can help you find ease and groundedness, even during transition and change.

I can support you....

  • If you are wondering what might be next for you in your life or career and aren't quite sure

  • If you know you need a change, and want more for your life, but aren't sure how to get there

  • If you want to align your work with your core values and aren't sure how

  • If you are ready to grow personally and spiritually, but don't quite know where to start

  • If you feel burned out or overwhelmed and need support finding your way beyond burnout

  • If you are finishing an undergrad or graduate degree and need support and you navigate what's next for your life

  • If you want to move into a space of increased leadership or want to enhance your collaborative and holistic leadership skills

"This was a wonderful process. I am grateful for Heather's generosity in sharing knowledge, time, and wisdom. This experience has not only shaped and informed my professional path but also contributed significantly to my personal growth. This is a continued process of self-compassion and exploring possibilities. I am grateful to have the tools to continue on this journey."

 Nabin D.

My approach to Mentoring

My approach to mentoring is relational, welcoming, gentle, curious, and compassionate. I lean into my intuition to understand you energetically and holistically. I listen closely and ask questions. I hold space for your emotions and create a container for you to be with yourself to process, observe, imagine, and explore who are you and what ways of being might best serve you.


I will guide you into deeper knowing of your body and spirit, and into a more connected relationship with the living earth. I will support you in leaning into the joy and spaciousness that arrives when we are living in more connected and authentic ways. I use an Emergent Ecological Design framework that can lead you naturally into practices and patterns of healing and renewal. Together we will deeply Observe your life and ask questions, Envision possibilities and the kind of life you want, start to Shape change by uncovering new ideas and directions, and begin to Pattern new ways of being and new practices to move forward in your journey.

I offer mentoring as a package so that we might have spacious time for exploring the healing spiral of the Ecological Design process over time.

Sessions happen virtually and are 1 hour in length. Sessions are scheduled every other week or once a month.



Introduction to mentoring: Special rate for your first 3 mentoring sessions with me. See what it's like to get intentional support for your personal journey. (every other week for 3 sessions) $350

Be held: 6 mentoring sessions to support you through a specific situation or transition in your life (2 sessions a month for 3 months or once a month for 6 months) $900 or $150-$300/month

Yearlong support: A beautiful container to support your goals and intentions for personal growth over time.


12 mentoring sessions (1 each month)

12 e-mail check ins (1 each month)

Readings, resources, and practices to support your growth

$1800 or $150/month

Payment options:

I can bill you each month, you can pay in full, or you can choose your own payment plan on PayPal.

"This mentoring work helped to clarify my core needs and enliven my key values; I'm now designing my path forward with a greater sense of cohesion. Heather is a gifted facilitator and intuitive mentor—I throughly enjoyed engaging in this process with her."


Shevawn A.

If mentoring feels like a good fit, please fill out the following and
I'll be in touch.

Thanks for your interest in working with me. I'll be in touch soon.

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