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Cozy Winter

Winter Rest Workshop
Friday, Dec.15 2:00-3:30 PST
Live & virtual, facilitated by Heather Burns & Jane Carr

Ahhh rest. We need it and often long for it. It allows for so many good things–the ability to be resourced and present so we can enjoy life, more resilience in our physical health and immunity, and access to the creative brilliance that comes out of deep quiet. 


But rest carries a heavy stigma in our culture. We can find our attempts at rest to be thwarted by internalized cultural voices that claim that rest means we are inadequate, undeserving, missing out on life, or to blame for the struggles in our lives. Despite a recent movement (led by Tricia Hersey and others) to value rest, this subconscious conditioning can keep us from being at ease enough to actually rest. 


We also aren’t taught healthy habits of rest and it can be challenging to know what rest really looks like to each of us. Sometimes it seems that zoning out is the only way to rest. So what exactly do we do if we want to rest?


Rest is a form of active resistance to dominant systems that keep us feeling trapped and exhausted. You deserve to take time to remember what it feels like to slow down, be in your body, and to practice restful ways of being. Sweet, expansive, connected, relaxed…feeling these ways is part of what makes life worth living. As we move toward the winter solstice here in the north, this is a perfect and natural time to practice slowing down and resting more. 


In this live small-group workshop, we will guide you in exploring what patterns and subconscious self-judgment keep you from rest, how you find deep rest, and what you might stand to gain if you rested more. Come to reflect on these questions in a gentle and relaxed way, and find insight from others’ experiences. We’ll also hold a simple but potent fire ritual to give you a chance to transform a core belief or pattern that has kept you from rest. 


We all need spaces in this world, so full of tasks and distractions, where we can be held in healing and sacred connection. If you are feeling tired, burned out, or just want to bring some fresh intention to your rest this winter, this workshop is for you. 

Sliding scale $40-$75

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