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Guided transformative healing experiences of deep connection to earth, body, and spirit
I'm Dr. Heather Burns. I design and hold spaces where together we can cultivate new ways of being that support wholeness and healing. I offer caring and nourishing small group settings where you can feel supported and seen as you reclaim reconnection to the wisdom of earth, body, and spirit
Heather Burns

Welcome dear ones,

I design, hold, and facilitate spaces of transformative healing and renewal within small and intentional learning communities. I'm creating spaces for us to:
  • Remember what it feels like to connect to and learn from the living earth and to truly feel our sense of belonging in this wise beautiful world
  • Find freedom and joy in learning to listen to our bodies, to really hear body signals and to discover where and how we hold emotions and ways of being in the body
  • Learn to tap into our spirits and into our innate interconnectedness, to access our intuitive knowing--a portal to what is beyond us and connects us.
  • Connect to each other in ways that are meaningful, compassionate, and supportive.
I invite pleasure, joy, and rest as partners in healing and renewal.
As we all struggle in these times of climate crisis and crumbling social systems, we need support. As we navigate overwhelm, exhaustion, burnout, and numbness from being enmeshed in oppressive dominant systems like hetero-patriarchy, white supremacy, and grind culture, we need support. Many of us feel a deep longing to experience wholeness and enoughness, to feel that our work is meaningful, to feel seen and connected, to feel less alone, and more embodied. We want more space for laughter and sadness, for stillness and moon rise, for bird song and deep rest, for real justice and connection.  We need inclusive spaces of gentle care and guidance to find healing and renewal in this beautiful, messy, crumbing world.​ We need each other and we need shared connection.
We are all inherently connected to the more than human world, and to our own bodies and spirits. But from birth we have been systematically taught to ignore and dismiss these connections. By design we are caught in dominant systems that keep us always producing, wanting and consuming more, and feeling unworthy. Here the healing and renewal journey is not about fixing, but about uncovering and discovering the connection that is already within us, easing the dis-ease of disconnection. You can feel held, seen, supported, and nourished in this process. Learn to cultivate new ways of being that support wholeness and healing in yourself and in this world. Reclaim and honor the joy, wholeness, and spaciousness found when together we reconnect to the wisdom of the earth, our bodies, and our spirits.

What healing means to me: Embracing the wholeness of our experience and lives; learning to create meaningful (inter)connection with the more-than-human world; recovering and discovering joy; returning to embodiment; resting ourselves; re-imagining and embracing life beyond hetero-patriarchy, grind culture, and white supremacy; moving naturally toward wholeness--a process and a direction, not a destination.

How do we heal and learn together? We center relationships and process; we embrace experience and emergence; we invite imagination, emotion, intuition, and embodiment; we feel our deep connectedness.

I invite you to join me for experiences of healing and renewal
class-sitting in a circle

Gather with a small group to engage in a transformative learning and healing space that will support you in deepening your inner knowing, your skills, and your connection to earth wisdom (Virtual classes- join from anywhere).

retreat at the Pacific Ocean.JPG

Be deeply nourished as you take time for yourself to truly rest, renew, and connect with others. Explore rest and joy and learn how these patterns can support healing and renewal from destructive dominant systems. Experiment with practices that support ways of being that you can carry with you long after the retreat. 

personal mentoring

I offer personalized support in creating wellness and ease during times of transition and change. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or just unsure about how to move forward, I can help you get clear about what's going on in your life externally and internally and what you really need and want. Be guided and supported in your journey towards clarity and next steps. I offer my intuitive presence as we explore an ecological design process that can lead you naturally into practices and patterns of healing and renewal as you discover what's next for you.

Forest Therapy tea ceremony.JPG
Forest Therapy Packages

Spend healing time in the forest and be nourished by slowing down and meeting other beings. Be guided through a series of invitations that helps you connect deeply to your self and the more than human world. Forest therapy is an embodied practice that reduces anxiety and stress, and supports nervous system and immune system health.

Alders & Roots

The Red Alder is an abundant tree-friend in the Pacific Northwest. These trees are water loving and are often found on stream and river banks, growing in groups, most readily in poor and disturbed soils. They stabilize banks, provide shelter for fish, and are nitrogen fixers; the root systems host bacteria that converts airborne nitrogen to soil-based nutrients that nourish and heal the alders, the soil, and the surrounding plant life. Pacific Northwest native people harvested alder wood for bowls and utensils, for smoking salmon, and made anti-inflammatory pain relief medicine from the bark. In Celtic tradition alders are a favorite tree of faeries. Alder groves are magical places to be nourished, to rest and to heal.

"All shall be well, in whatever tangled, unknowable, difficult, beautiful way that well unfolds. Our lives are irrevocably entwined with this unfurling. Though we can't know exactly where we are going, or what will happen, still we journey together by choice and in grace, foot by foot, upon our troubled and beloved earth."
Lyanda Lynn Haupt
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