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Ecological Metaphors for Healing

This 60 minute virtual interactive workshop will offer strategies for integrating ecological metaphors into our work. Ecological metaphors such as spider webs, flowing rivers, eddies, nurse logs, mother trees, moss, and micylium can be powerful allies in facilitating healing and regeneration, offering a relatable and grounded approach to change. Learn a simple process for identifying and integrating ecological metaphors into your work.


The more-than-human world offers a stable and reliable source of support and abundance for change-makers and healers. As we develop a deeper relationship with the earth and lean into what we can learn from the natural world, we are able to approach our work with clients with more stability and eco-spiritual (inter)connection.


This workshop is for facilitators, leaders, change-makers, and healers who work with clients 1-1, or with groups.







Spider Web

In this session we will:

  • share stories and a simple process for integrating ecological metaphors into our work

  • guide you in a visualization to support identification of ecological metaphors

  • offer time for reflection

  • share about our Eco-Spiritual Facilitation Training & Certification program (5 minutes).

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